Bamfield – Hertfordshire.

We only needed a few caches to complete the Hidden Creatures final souvenir (and I only needed two to get my 2,000th cache, so we headed off to do a fairly local circuit. We parked close to the first cache where I soon spotted this cute little critter.

We then did the ‘fine pair’ cache and headed through the churchyard to do the church micro. There were some very cool grotesques on the church.

After bagging the church micro we headed off to complete the walk. The day was again boiling hot with butterflies, moths and insects galore.

After walking through a field of growing peas,

We headed into a cool and secluded wooded area where people had been constructing shelters made from fallen branches.

We found all the caches in the woods included this baldly spelled log book.

All the caches were in very good condition,

And we saw some cool insects,

All in all this was a great little circuit and I am the proud holder of both my 2,000 cache and The World Turtle Hidden creatures souvenir.


Sandon Sloth

Today’s outing was intended to whittle down the last few finds to enable us to complete the summer challenge and collect all the hidden creatures.

We parked in Sandon itself and headed to the church years to start our walk. It was here that I saw Dark Mullein…

…unmistakable with its yellow flowers and purple hairs on the stamens. It was in semi shade on the edge of the graveyard and the bees were loving it.

After a short walk down part of The Ickneild Way (which luckily was in compete shade), our first cache was in hand.

The hoverflies were certainly enjoying the sun,

Me – less so. It was way too hot!

The day was great though and we found all of the caches we looked for.

Including a few really cool ones – my heart sank when I opened this one but luckily it was found on our second attempt – pure luck! 🍀

This next one was a bit scary,

We also fond some wild hazelnuts (or cobnuts).

And this beautiful banded snail.

Lots of butterflies were ‘on the wing’ today too. Including this Red Admiral,

This large White,

And This Ringlet.

We saw this cool fungus too (yet to be identified)

We also heard an odd screech sound and as we came round the bend it came from a barn owl box. We didn’t disturb them but I felt really privileged to hear the babies waiting for their feed.

My favourite cache of the day came in the shape of my favourite vegetable – broccoli 🥦

Best of all though The Man found his 2,000th cache 🎉

We saw many bees out today (which is great to see).

All in all it was a great day with a few more caches under our belts.

Old Coach Road & Cole Green (add on)

The day started with this cute signage (which I’d never seen before…

… then we headed off to the first cache.

Whilst out caching the Cole Green Add-ons we saw a barn owl quartering in full sunlight. This is the best photo I could get! 😂🦉

We also managed to complete a nice puzzle cache with this little guy as our helper.

After completing The Coal Green Add- ons, we stopped for a quick drink at The Cowper Arms. The only cache we didn’t find today was the one closest to the pub! (but a cacher after us also didn’t find it so I think it’s gone AWOL)

We then headed off to complete The Old Coach Road. All these caches were found so here is a picture of The Man doing his thing!

We saw some cool little bugs like this ladybird…

…and this little Oak Bush Cricket who obligingly day still for a couple of photographs.

So apart from the DNF we now have a nice line of smiley faces.

Bugs Wander – Secombe

As there were new souvenirs to find (the hidden creatures event) we headed out in the heat and the bright and glorious sunshine.

We parked at the nearby church (having had a look at both the interior of the church and the graveyard and headed out.

The first cache was the church micro which we found no problem. Our real circuit however was The Bugs Wander which consisted of a circuit of 23 bug themed caches (some of which are shown below).

Along the route we found the usual beautiful flora and fauna of the UK.

I guess that is part of the attraction of caching for me. You get a long walk in the countryside where your caching instincts are tested (using the old grey matter 🧠) plus all your senses are stimulated by the nature you experience.

You also find random spots and pathways that you never would have gone to if it wasn’t for caching.

The Man found several of the caches.

We also found two travel bugs…

…and even met two fellow catchers who were doing the same circuit as us.

After competing the circuit we headed off to do a lone cache at Tonwell (a drive by cache and dash).

We then celebrated our finds with a quick pint at nearby pub in Chapmore End.

It’s amazing when you realise that the nearby field of barley will one day be transformed into beer!

We called it quits and decided to head for home but then realised we were only five points away from the next ‘hidden creature’ souvenir, so we drove to Bengeo where we noticed a line of five caches along a road. These were soon in hand – so the next souvenir was gained! Plus we discovered more cool insects.

This was great circuit and a really fantastic walk. We will defiantly be coming back to see how the area changes with the seasons. But here is an update of souvenirs.

Brugge – Belgium

Half term holiday – We travelled off to Belgium on the Eurostar – destination Brugge.

This wasn’t really a caching holiday but we did find some good ones. One was huge and hidden in plain sight in the centre of the town.

It was a puzzle cache – you had to find all the sites in the local square then solve the equation. It looked overly complicated but once I’d re-read the instructions it was fairly straightforward.

Other caches of note on this holiday we’re this puzzle cache. I found it The Man did the maths!

Then there was this one involving a climb down a ladder – The Man did this one!

The whole of Brugge was picturesque.

And there was wildlife galore,

Including these ‘Rosemary Beetles’ which I’d never seen before.

And these ‘wild’ rabbits which didn’t seem overly bothered that we were there!

We even walked along the canal to Damme and spotted this crane nesting on a roof.

My favourite thing about this holiday was the food and drink.

The best thing I learned though is the answer to the age old question – What would Jesus drink? The answer is, of course, Belgium Beer 🇧🇪!

Butterfly Series – Tur Langton

Today was the last day of our weekend in Market Harborough and we wanted to do some more caching. We had spotted the Butterfly series and set off to complete it.

After our first success (a Multi cache) we were in high spirits and set off across the field. This was not an easy find. The GPS had us looking at the wrong tree and it took some time and some climbing over barbed wire and negotiating mud and cow manure to retrieve it – not pleasant but we got there in the end!

The next cache was across a field full of pink flowers – beautiful.

The next few caches were very damp and the nettles had grown so high that it was VERY unpleasant trying to retrieve them. Luckily coffee and a snack raised our spirits.

We saw a variety of wildlife on this walk.

But in the end the thorns and nettles got the better of us and we decided to cut the series short and we headed to a nearby tearoom.

Then we headed back to Foxton Locks to find the multi cache we’d failed to find the day before. I’m pleased to say we found it!

Then we headed to Geddington to see the Elenor Cross and The local church.

Fictional Detectives series – Gumley, Debdale, Foxton & Laughton.

I love a good detective story and I’m at my second most happiest (obviously caching comes first 😉) watching a good Police /detective drama on TV, so I was delighted to spot this fictional detective series whilst staying in the area.

We drove to Gumley and luckily parked close by to cache number two. We headed off down a lane and bagged our first cache of the day spotting these lovely, yellow Welsh poppies on the way.

Along this lane we met some very inquisitive, nosey and noisy sheep who bleated loudly and cane over to see what we were up to.

After heading across some fields, we joined the canal and bagged a couple more caches (picking up a couple of travel bugs too) before we returned to a wooded area.

By this time, we were close to Foxton Locks and we decided to stop for a cup of coffee (in my case) and tea for The Man.

We again found a variety of plants and wildlife en route.

Eventually we returned to the car spotting these cool statues guarding a gateway.

By this time the heavens had opened 🌧 and we were soaked, so we drove back to our hotel grabbing a few caches en route that we could park close by to. But all in all a fabulous days caching.