Halls Green Footpath

We decide we wanted to do some more caches so whilst The Man looked for another short circuit, I braved the mud to fetch this fella.

We then head off through a gate to a footpath and discovered a field of very cute alpacas.

This was where we found our first puzzle cache of the day which we soon had open.

The next one proved very difficult to figure out and when we (eventually) worked out how to extract or we were very pleased indeed.

I also spotted a Devil’s Coach -Horse beetle here too.

The next cache type we had seen before and it was quickly solved, logged and replaced.

We decided to push on a grab two more for the day, leaving a bigger circuit for us to complete another time.

These were great puzzle caches – which we were happy to have solved and logged.



Our first cache today was a ‘drive by’ at the local war memorial.

After this we headed into Walkern itself and managed to park on the high street, we were then able to take a foot path towards our next cache.

The cache were simple containers, hidden to be found and so people could focus on the walk and the views (mainly over local farmland and woodland).

This year seems to have been great for fungi as they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Of of the caches we found had a DNF so it was particularly satisfying when we got our hands on it.

After climbing up a steep field and by-passing a wooded area, we stopped for tea and geo snacks before pressing onwards. In the undergrowth under a few trees we spotted this little cross.

Plus some more fungi.

And wild flowers,

This was a lovely walk and a descent circuit – all of which we found.

Buckland Boomerang

“I wonder if we’ll see any wildlife today” said The Man as we drove towards our caching location of Buckland. He needn’t have pondered this because, as usual on our little caching adventures, we saw plenty.

We briefly pulled into a passing place to check how near we were to our first cache only to discover, we were right next to it. So out we got and we were off.

The day was crisp and misty; a proper autumnal morning.

The early morning dew festooned every spider’s web.

We started walking and heard, then saw, a flick of bright yellowhammers singing whilst feeding on the ground and on the low bushes at the edge of a field. As we were watching these, we also noticed a young deer poke her head out of the bushes at the edge of the field, she came running out followed by some younger deer and a young stag. They stopped and stared at us for a while then ran off, hotly pursued by another young stag and his family group who had followed them through the hedge.

We continued on our route and it took us into a small copse of tress where we stumbled upon this delightful cache.

Which ‘The Man’ dealt with fearlessly.

Next we walked along this beautiful lane which looked like it would eventually become a holloway.

Here, in the undergrowth, whilst searching for a cache, we spotted these cute fungi,

At the end of this lane we also found my favourite cache of the day, a hanger cache 😂

As we neared the end of this circuit we decided we wanted to do some more caching so we decided to head to nearby Barkway.

We found all of the Buckland Boomerang caches.

The Joint Dashes – Hertfordshire

After our success in Buckland we drove to Barkway to complete a multi-cache (based on a milestone) we had failed to find previously. This time it was no issue, ‘The Man’ did the Maths and, after a short walk, we found it virtually straight away.

After another short drive, we were at The Barkway Pathway cache – again we found it no problem.

We the headed on to do the ‘Joint Dashes Caches’, which were spaced out along a road, but with nowhere to leave the car, we had to drive along and just pull over next the cache location.

One of our stops was near a (dis-used?) Ministry of a Defence (air) base which had a huge mast nearby and scary signage. Cache located, we headed onwards.

There were stunning views in this location and the sun was now fully out, casting shadows.

We found some stunning wildflowers round this area.

We then headed to Reed to complete a couple of caches we’d been unable to find last time we were there due to a cricket match and here we meet this gorgeous, friendly cat.

Again we found all the caches we searched, which explains why ‘The Man’ looks so happy.

Bullwell, Nottingham

We had spotted these caches the previous day and had them ear- marked them for a days caching.

We started the day by getting the tram to the local station and then walking the short distance to the first cache. The GPS was a little out for us so initially we couldn’t find the first one and went on to do the second. There were two paths here an upper one and a lower one and because of the GPS issues it was very hard to decided which was the correct path. But with perseverance and much searching (and much climbing between the two pathways) we eventually found the first two caches.

All of the caches had been placed with much care and great thought had gone into all of them. No two caches were the same and the clues were quite cryptic in places so it was a challenging but enjoyable circuit. One of the caches I actually had had in my hands twice (I really thought I had studied it but clearly I hadn’t) as when The Man looked at it, he found it straight away! How irritating!

After finding a few more we popped into a local Tesco’s for a ‘comfort break’ where we saw the most polite sign aimed at shop lifters!

We then headed back out to do some more caching and stumbled across this weird object. Very odd!

After this bizarre find we continued onwards. One of the next caches had us stumped for ages. We’d looked back at previous logs, taken and tried to match our photographs with previous catchers and searched everywhere. Eventually we found the cache more by luck as I thought I had spotted a pupae casing on a bit of wood! It turned out (luckily for us) to be the cache.

One cache we didn’t hope to find had several DNFs in its log so when we got the the GZ we weren’t hopeful, but luckily I spotted it fairly quickly (mainly as I noticed it was a different type of wood from the others nearby).

This was a great circuit with (unfortunately for us) three DNFs but I’m sure we’ll be back very soon!

Thames walk – Battersea

We hadn’t really intended doing any geocaching today but after our visit to Battersea dogs home was cut short we decided to walk back along the Thames.

After a cup of tea in Battersea Park (where we found a geocache and a travel bug!) we visited the Peace Pagoda.

We then proceeded to walk along the Thames…

… where we found all the caches we looked for – another 9 ticked off the list 😁.

Caistor St. Edmunds

We parked the car and visited the historical site of the Celtic Village of Icenorum – finding many insects like the thick legged flower beetle…

and demoiselle dragonflies …

We then headed across the main road to the farm based caches.

The whole area was well signposted with information about the flora and fauna along the route.

‘The Man’ had fun finding the caches.

We also found a wild wasps nest in a hollow tree,

…and an interesting spotted longhorn beetle,

plus we saw many varieties of bee,

We finished off the day with a cream tea in a local church. Delicious!

And The Man and I are agreed that this is definitely the best way to finish a day’s geocaching.