Leigh on Sea to Southend.

The day started with a short train ride (mainly as the wait for the next bus seemed too long).

After arriving at Leigh on Sea we made a right hash of finding the first cache, but once our brains were in gear, ‘The Man’ soon got the location and the cache was literally in hand. How cute is it?

The next few caches along the seafront walk were all very varied;

We reached the next cache – by a boat yard – and tried, unsuccessfully, to remain unseen whilst we looked for the cache, luckily a friendly voice said, “if you’re looking for the cache – it’s here!” And he put his hand straight on it!

The next cache of note was near the famous cockle sheds so we stopped for a snack. It wasn’t for me!

The local wildlife seemed to want a taste though.

The next few were great finds too:

I’m also going to give a little ‘shout-out’ to the ‘Porthole’ artwork of Luke Bryant which livened up the area.

A few more caches were found very easily,

We then reached a park area where I found an unusually shaped flower.

A couple more were found, then the heavens opened and we ‘hot- footed’ it back to the hotel for a hot drink and a dry off!

All in all we found quite a few and have a nice line of smiley faces on the map!


Goldings Novelty Wander.

It’s not often that all the caches in a circuit ‘float your boat’ but today’s did: It’s always great when a CO goes the extra mile to make the caching experience an interesting one.

Despite being a very cold and breezy day, we headed out to Waterford in Hertfordshire to have a look at a circuit that had recently ‘popped up’.

The first cache was hidden in plain sight and was quickly logged and replaced.

We then headed out of the circuit to grab a church micro, which told the interesting history of Goldings – a nearby, long since disappeared, school. There was a bench, stepping stones and a plaque telling the history of the building and its occupants (more information can be found at the website http://www.goldings.org).

We then followed the the footpath signs to the first cache – which was quite cool and I issued a favourite point to it.

Signs of autumn and the recent damp weather were evident:

The next few caches were also pretty cool, including one we had to ‘fish’ for – which took a fair while and to which I also rewarded another favourite point.

We completed a couple more…

Before meeting this lovely creature who came over specifically to greet us.

We carried on a found a few more,

Including two which others had marked as DNF. Here ‘The Man’ carefully replaced the cache.

We found two more, then rewarded ourselves with a swig of port from a snakily concealed hip flask.

We then headed to our last cache which I think was the best of the day.

In summary, this was a great little circuit and one well worth competing.

Bengeo Wander

As we pulled into the car park, we were met with several older, portly gentlemen all appearing to be in combat fatigues carrying rucksacks…needless to say we didn’t join them but headed off towards our first cache. Our first wildlife spot was this beautiful pair of red kites.

We then literally scrambled up a sheer ledge to find the correct path.

The day was cold and bright with lots of great nature spots.

More worrying was this signage,

But this didn’t stop the man and I finding and signing the caches we found.

There were many pretty things to see,

Including this lovely, bright pink plant which I’ve yet to identify (but I did bring some seeds home to try and grow it on).

The best moment of all though was when I lifted a piece of carpet which had been discarded in a hedgerow. I hoped to find a slow worm or snake but instead found a snug, warm next full of field mice.

After finding a few more caches we headed towards one in the middle of a field which turned out to be lone tree surrounded by a ring of flint stones.

It felt weird moving them to search for the cache but we did find it.

Heading off after this one we found some cool graffiti art.

None of which was made by The Man who was too busy searching for the caches.

The weirdest thing of all we found was a sculpture of an egg – the size of which I hope to receive at Easter next year!

We found all that we searched for, but we missed out on some difficult tree climbs but we found a fair few – which I was very happy with.


So apologies first – I’ve been very lax in posting – sorry! This will be a quick post as I’m trying to delete photos to free up space on my iCloud.

Anyway – a while back (17th September) The Man and I did some caches in and around Hertingfordbury. We found many interesting things including this beautiful, brightly coloured insect.

And lots of fungi in the dark, dank undergrowth.

We also found lots of caches.

So The Man was very happy.

The scenery was typically autumnal… like this rose affected by Gaul wasps,

and these brightly coloured red berries

Roydon Wander

The sumner holidays are nearing their end and so ‘The Man’ and I decided to complete another circuit close to home.

After a short drive we found ourselves parked near Roydon Mill in Hertfordshire and we headed off to start the circuit. The caches were hidden to be discovered and were a real mixture,

but the real beauty of this circuit are the views and beautiful surroundings. The circuit begins by the canal, which when we walked it, had many barges moored up.

The circuit then heads along a river to the glorious Lake Faba,

Here we disturbed a herd of grazing cows who seemed mystified as to what we were up to.

One of the real bonuses for me of this circuit was the brambles and wild plums that we found. A few were soon collected to bring home and later I spiced them with cinnamon and turned them into desert. Delicious!

The walk then headed back along the other side of the lake,

Which was brimming with wildlife,

Eventually the circuit took us up and across a harvested wheat field,

We had a good day with only one DNF but that was due to not being able to look properly as a boat was parked directly opposite it!

Bayford Wander

The Bayford Wander started with a quick visit to the local church which was very interesting (plus we grabbed a church micro 😊) then we headed off for one cache in the village then onto The Wander…

Initially we took a wrong turn and tried to walk around the local cricket pitch – we soon realised our mistake and headed backwards where we found the correct path.

Most of the caches were 35ml tubes and camera film canisters…

… and the circuit took us across the grounds of one of the university of Hertfordshire’s campus which was cool but at the same time a little bit scary – the signage didn’t help! 😉

The day was glorious, with bright sun and clear blue skies.

We even had a heaven sent clue to where one of the caches was hidden with an ‘X marks the spot’ or in this case, an arrow in the sky!

The final stretch of the circuit ran along a footpath which looked like an ancient hallow road.

The last cache of the day proved impossible. The clues were fine, the co-ordinates seemed fine but we did not find it – dispute others finding it 😡 we searched for ages (undisturbed) but no luck. The only things of interest were resin seeping from a tree – (future amber?)

We also found this beautiful bloom made, I believe, by a parasitic wasp.

Still we found a good few caches and dispute one DNF we were happy with other totals.

Monks Walk Wander

It’s been a while since I posted: apologies. Since I’ve been on holiday I’ve (weirdly) not had time to go Geocaching. I made up for it this week. My first update is on The Monks Walk Wander in Hertfordshire.
After parking in Brickendon we headed off towards the first cache – which we found. We then upset a few partridges as we walked across the fields…

…they flew off in disgust!
The circuit was a mixture of open fields, pathways and secluded woodland which was extremely interesting with various types of trees and numerous types of fungi.

The Walk culminated by the entrance to The Celtic Harmony Camp where ‘The Man’ had his photo taken.

But best of all, as we returned to the car we passed a wild, bright-yellow mirabelle plum tree brimming with fruit.
I collected some and then made a cinnamon and orange zest plum crumble – which was delicious!
We completed the whole circuit, plus a few extras including a puzzle cache with only one DNF which virtually as soon as we got home the C/O left a note sting it had been missing and that he’d replaced it.