Butterfly Series – Tur Langton

Today was the last day of our weekend in Market Harborough and we wanted to do some more caching. We had spotted the Butterfly series and set off to complete it.

After our first success (a Multi cache) we were in high spirits and set off across the field. This was not an easy find. The GPS had us looking at the wrong tree and it took some time and some climbing over barbed wire and negotiating mud and cow manure to retrieve it – not pleasant but we got there in the end!

The next cache was across a field full of pink flowers – beautiful.

The next few caches were very damp and the nettles had grown so high that it was VERY unpleasant trying to retrieve them. Luckily coffee and a snack raised our spirits.

We saw a variety of wildlife on this walk.

But in the end the thorns and nettles got the better of us and we decided to cut the series short and we headed to a nearby tearoom.

Then we headed back to Foxton Locks to find the multi cache we’d failed to find the day before. I’m pleased to say we found it!

Then we headed to Geddington to see the Elenor Cross and The local church.


Fictional Detectives series – Gumley, Debdale, Foxton & Laughton.

I love a good detective story and I’m at my second most happiest (obviously caching comes first 😉) watching a good Police /detective drama on TV, so I was delighted to spot this fictional detective series whilst staying in the area.

We drove to Gumley and luckily parked close by to cache number two. We headed off down a lane and bagged our first cache of the day spotting these lovely, yellow Welsh poppies on the way.

Along this lane we met some very inquisitive, nosey and noisy sheep who bleated loudly and cane over to see what we were up to.

After heading across some fields, we joined the canal and bagged a couple more caches (picking up a couple of travel bugs too) before we returned to a wooded area.

By this time, we were close to Foxton Locks and we decided to stop for a cup of coffee (in my case) and tea for The Man.

We again found a variety of plants and wildlife en route.

Eventually we returned to the car spotting these cool statues guarding a gateway.

By this time the heavens had opened 🌧 and we were soaked, so we drove back to our hotel grabbing a few caches en route that we could park close by to. But all in all a fabulous days caching.

Foxton Frolic

The day started with a puzzle/multi cache which we found quickly. I felt ever so clever!

We also managed to photograph this beautiful bumble bee.

We found several caches such as this mouse and bat ones.

This area is lovely and very picturesque,

We saw many insects and animals, including, snails and speckled wood butterflies.

Baby ducks,

Shield bugs,

Blue Bottle Flies (which are actually really pretty close up)

And sheep,

We even did a tree climb – here’s the man demonstrating his climbing skills.

We saw birds nests

And flowers.

We did have a couple of DNFs but all in all it was a great day.

Reed Runaround

After our success on Sunday we again venture out (despite the poor weather) to gain a few more points towards the planetary pursuits souvenirs. This time we aimed for The Reed Runaround series plus a couple of other bonus caches close by.

This again was an interesting set of caches, all placed to be found but with a variety of containers.

We even both found trackables (unusually two geo coins) which we took to move on – thus increasing our score towards the souvenirs.

One thing I love about geocaching is that you never know what you’ll find, close by this rote we bagged a bonus ‘ghost’ cache at a nearby solar farm and nearby was this cool bee hotel provided by the power company.

We even literally found a ‘Cabin in the Woods’

Here is a picture of ‘The Man’ sportily climbing over a stile on his way to bag a cache!

Luckily we did enough to gain all our souvenirs and are now Official Space Explorers! 👩🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀

Barkway Bimble

To be honest with you, the weather wasn’t looking great, however due to the planetary pursuits souvenirs we had to set out regardless.

The fields were predictably muddy and almost everything was damp however we found all of the caches we looked for and this beautiful bird’s nest.

Another thing of note on the route was this bizarre animal sculpture with a real animal skull! Very Wickerman!

Despite this, we pressed on regardless and looked hard for the caches.

There were a few that earned more ‘favourite points’ from us including this ‘spider’ cache.

Here’s another,

The area was actually really lovely with running streams,

and lovely fungi like this beautiful Jew’s Ear fungus.

We finished off by doing a couple of multi-caches which required The Man to do the sums (if I’d have been doing them we’d probably still be there now) – not even joking!

Part of the reason I love geocaching is it takes you to places you would never know were around. On this occasion we found his wagon wash from the 1600s.

All in all it was a successful trip with more points gained towards the planetary pursuits souvenirs.

Cole Green and East End Green

After a great ‘London walk’ yesterday where we snuck in a few cheeky caches, we earned some souvenirs from the Planetary Pursuits promotion – so today we wanted to gain a few more points.

We headed out to Hertingfordbury and started our walk (to Cole Green and East End Green) where we had previously finished another caching adventure.

The first cache we found under a stone where this beautiful millipede was sheltering. He didn’t seem to mind much so we photographed him, signed the log then replaced his shelter.

The Man found the next one,

We the followed a bridle way which was seemingly tunnelled through. I really love these ancient pathways.

We found a quite a few caches and met some lovely horses along the way. They were very curious about us.

We the headed into a lovely fenced off area called Grotto Wood. We could hear a woodpecker but we didn’t see him and this area is a haven for woodpeckers apparently.

Within this area we find a cool structure like a shepherds hut,

Compete with interesting graffiti (suitable for this upcoming Easter holiday)

This area had many bird and bat boxes so it is well worth a visit as I think if you stayed around there you’d see lots of things …but we had caching to do!

We found all the caches we looked for today (including heading off on a short car ride after completing this circuit to look for a previous DNF which this time we found easily).

Over this weekend we gained many points and have earned six of the available souvenirs. We are aiming to get some more done before the deadline so we can gain all the souvenirs…wish us luck! 🍀

Leigh on Sea to Southend.

The day started with a short train ride (mainly as the wait for the next bus seemed too long).

After arriving at Leigh on Sea we made a right hash of finding the first cache, but once our brains were in gear, ‘The Man’ soon got the location and the cache was literally in hand. How cute is it?

The next few caches along the seafront walk were all very varied;

We reached the next cache – by a boat yard – and tried, unsuccessfully, to remain unseen whilst we looked for the cache, luckily a friendly voice said, “if you’re looking for the cache – it’s here!” And he put his hand straight on it!

The next cache of note was near the famous cockle sheds so we stopped for a snack. It wasn’t for me!

The local wildlife seemed to want a taste though.

The next few were great finds too:

I’m also going to give a little ‘shout-out’ to the ‘Porthole’ artwork of Luke Bryant which livened up the area.

A few more caches were found very easily,

We then reached a park area where I found an unusually shaped flower.

A couple more were found, then the heavens opened and we ‘hot- footed’ it back to the hotel for a hot drink and a dry off!

All in all we found quite a few and have a nice line of smiley faces on the map!